Sleeping Ute (Jaar Remix)

Last Saturday saw lines of music fans taking over the streets for 2013’s edition of Record Store Day. Reviving pressing plants around the world and boosting vinyl sales for weeks, the event also offers an ideal occasion for bands to release new/rare/unique/unexpected/weird/wonderful material. The remix below is one of the many exciting outcomes of this years edition.

American-Chilean Nicolas Jaar takes over Grizzly Bear’s “Sleeping Ute”, which served as a splendid introduction on the quartet’s last album Shields. Jaar’s edit loops a reverbed version of the original’s guitar riff and only preserves the shadiest bits of Edward Droste’s vocals.

Incorporating string harmonies and percussions, the track is stretched and turned into a 7 minute journey, a blissfully elegant ride punctuated by a pounding drum machine and a gloomy bass line.

The limited edition vinyl is long gone but thanks to the Internet and Konbini you can stream it below:

Grizzly Bear / Nicolas Jaar / Record Store Day