I’ve got the feeling that 2013 is going to be an incredibly good year for music. Apart from all the great releases that we have seen already (James Blake, Foals, Lapalux, Autre Ne Veut, and many more) and the general excitement around the new Daft Punk album, the upcoming Phoenix album or the new Jai Paul material, there is still so much good stuff to look forward to.

Australian duo Empire Of The Sun, for example, have just published their new single Alive from their upcoming second album Ice On The Dune, which is also very likely to hit the music stores this year although no definite release date has been mentioned yet. You probably still remember Empire Of The Sun from a few years ago when they made a big splash with their award-winning debut Walking On A Dream.

But it’s not only great releases that will make 2013 a good year for music. Thanks to the growth of digital sales and new revenues from streaming services, the overall music industry finally seems be recovering and finding new strength again. So I think we can look forward to a great musical year with loads of dancing and celebration! I am ready for it…

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